Review & Release Blitz- Four by S. C. Daiko


S. C. Daiko Four: A Menage Erotic Romance

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It’s been a year since Max and I overcame our commitment fears and chased away our demons, a year in a blissful poly relationship with Steve. And now we’re all set to become four.

It should be the best time of my life, of our lives; trying for a baby with the two hot men who keep me warm at night.

But when Steve’s friend James arrives from London, an over-the-top-theatrical scene player with his own agenda, and a whole lotta history just waiting to reignite, Steve suddenly doesn’t seem like the guy we fell in love with.

He’s changing, morphing into a different man before our eyes.

Lauren Price is happy living with the two men she loves and life couldn’t be any sweeter. What started as just a little fun a year ago – a girl, two guys, and a whole lot of sex – has become a deep three-way love she hopes will last forever.

They want to be a four – Max, Lauren, Steve and their unborn baby. That’s what they said, that’s what they planned.

But life in love doesn’t follow the rules, and soon four doesn’t look quite like the three-plus-one Lauren intended it to be.


Although a sequel to THREE, S. C. Daiko’s first Erotic Menage Romance, FOUR is a standalone story and, like its predecessor, contains vivid erotica. 18+ only. If you’re looking for a sexy, emotional read then FOUR is definitely your number.

I really loved getting to see more of Max, Lauren and Steve. They were amazing in Three, and they were even better in this book. This book is intense, in the best way possible. You’ll fall even more in love with these characters and maybe a few surprises along the way. This is a book you have to experience. You have to experience the heartbreak, that happiness, the joy and the complete devastation that this author wrote into this novel
I love all the kink, and BDSM that this author incorporates into these books. She brings a fresh take, and takes you into theses characters lives. The heat only adds to the plot. The plot is the forefront but the steam, it adds something to the books that really works. 
Lauren is an amazing woman. Steve is such a sweet guy and you will love him so darn much. and then Max, oh man he is a yummy yummy Dom. The passion that these three have will steam up your kindle and make you look around to make sure you didn’t make a noise 
The plot was them moving forward and accepting things, good and bad. It was raw and emotional, your invested in these characters and I can tell you I cried, I was worried, I found that it added something to these three characters and their relationship. They face things and obstacles but they do it together. They stay strong even when it’s hard and I will tell you that it’s so hard!!!!!! 
I really enjoyed Three, but this book, this book takes the cake. The author is more confident in her writing of these characters and she does an amazing job at conveying what she wants us as the readers to feels. I am so scared that I will give things away so I’ll stop now. 5 Stars #2OCCJD


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