Review-A Beautiful Sight by Sandi Lynn

A Beautiful SightA Beautiful Sight by Sandi Lynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, beautiful is definitely a word I would use to describe this story. It was lighter on the angst but had such a a meaningful message behind it. I loved this set of characters and how well they all meshed well together.

Ethen made me so mad half the time. I found my self wanting to throw my kindle at the wall. After we found out about his past, we see the gradual change in him and her went from being a donkey to the best alpha.

Audrey was sweet. Not in an innocent virgin type way but I’m a way that makes her see the real Ethan. (No pun intended lol). She had her own heart breaking past and that affected her and made her the woman she was in this book.

I loved reading about a blind heroine. It added a different dynamic to the story that’s not oftjen done. I loved it.

I have loved other books that the author has wrote. She always seems to put a fresh face on the characters and an interesting twists in the tales she weaves.

Overall this was a super cute read. While I found the ending to be a little rushed, it was a great ending for these two. 4 stars. #2OCCJD

A Beautiful Sight

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