Review-Unstable by S.E. Hall

UnstableUnstable by S.E. Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, I was blown away with this book. It’s heart breaking, sexy and so full of everything that makes romance amazing.

I loved the characters. Henley was so strong, and an amazing heroine that was super easy to connect with. Her dog Bourbon was even amazing!

Gatlin was perfect! He was there when Henley needed him most and everything he said was enlightening and eye opening.

Keaton Cash is the type of neighbor that I wish I had, well before marriage and kids (lol) he is a total alpha male and knew all the right things to say. Perfect!

The plot threw me for a loop. There were times that I swore I knew what was going on, and knew what was going to happen and a few times I was thrown for a loop, that being said, I was able to catch on to a few things pretty quickly.

Overall this is a book about forgiving your self and self discovery. The author did such an amazing job getting us connected to the characters and setting. My only complain is I wish we would have gotten atleast a little look at the time she was away from home. I felt my self wanting it explained more then it was. But overall it’s a solid 4.5 “Keaton Cash says all the right things” star read! #2OCCJD


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