Fallen Angel’s MC Series Tour & Alice’s Reviews

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Fallen Angel’s MC Series 

By: Erin Trejo

Come read the delights of Creed, Tank & Ryker in the Fallen Angel’s MC!


Creed (Fallen Angel’s MC #1)

Creed doesn’t have his life mapped out but he knows he has a family in Jason and Jada, his neighbors. They always accepted him for who he was.

One fatal mistake takes his best friend Jason away from him. Leaving his sister Jada behind to pick herself up, Creed seeks solace in her. Jada gives in to her feelings for Creed to only have them crushed when he leaves.

Creed moves on with his life, which isn’t the best life possible. He finds a new family with the Fallen Angel’s Motorcycle Club. They become the family he lost. Taking risks, he doesn’t care about his life anymore until Jada falls into his clubhouse one fateful night.

After he learns her involvement with a rival, Creed wants her safe but he knows he can never be the man she needs.

Will he save himself and Jada? Or will they both lose everything forever?

             ALICES REVIEW

I am a big fan of MC novels and was not disappointed with Creed. Creed is the first book in the Fallen Angels MC series and follows the story of the characters Jada and Creed. The story follows Creed and Jada reconnecting with each other after five years. When they are together after such a long time apart, it is evident that they are in love with each other and the time apart did not change the feelings they had for each other. Creed is the very definition of an alpha male and has a way about him that makes you swoon for him. Jada has gone through so much within her life and struggles to deal with the pain she has endured. She is a strong character that has been dealt with a lot of hurt within her life. The couple has a lot of chemistry between them and have a lot of steamy moments between them. However, I would have liked more details in the book about how Creed became a member of the Fallen Angels Mc. I was confused about how he got into that type of life. Creed was an enjoyable read and would recommend it for fans of MC books. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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Tank (Fallen Angel’s MC #2)

Tank’s life began and ended when he got involved with the Fallen Angel’s MC. That same year his ex-girlfriend, Candy took his little girl and ran. Tank lived through the club trying to pick up the pieces of his broken life. Years later his daughter Bella shows up on his doorstep alone. With her mother missing, Tank takes his daughter in and loves her. When Tank met Cher his world seemed to be falling into place. He had his daughter back and his new girlfriend. Life seemed good, too good. When his life is sent into a tailspin, he relies on his club to protect his family from the one person that hurt both of his girls. Will Tank be able to come to terms with the past and keep his newfound family together or he will lose them all again?

            ALICE’S REVIEW

This was such a great book to read and I enjoyed it very much. This was everything you would want in a MC book. There was the club, rivalry between other clubs that readers were introduced to in the first book, hot alpha males and drama. It continued on from where the first book in the Fallen Angel series left off. This was great because it provided readers with the answers they had when the first book finished. Characters from the previous book Creed were in Tank and made appearances throughout it. I absolutely loved Tank and he had me swooning from the start with his alpha man ways. There was lot more to Tank then I originally thought, he was a loving father that will do anything for his daughter and the woman he loves. Cher was so fun to read about and loved seeing her giving as good as she gets from Tank. This was a great MC read and I would recommend it to any fans of MC reads. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Ryker (Fallen Angel’s MC #3)

Choosing to settle with this chapter of Fallen Angel’s seemed like the right choice. I’ve always felt like I fit in with these guys. Once the old president was out, I knew this would be the place I called home. I love it here, they are my family. They stuck by me even when I made mistakes. We all make mistakes right? My mistake drug my family into a war I wasn’t sure we were ready for but the day I stepped foot into that makeshift house, I knew my world was forever changed.

My family never wanted me. I was a tool to use in their little games. I was a pawn. Being traded to a rival club for drugs and money didn’t surprise me all that much. Did it hurt that my own family didn’t want me? Yeah, more than anything but that day a rough rugged biker came into my room changed that. When Ryker ripped his name patch off and placed it in my hands, I knew things were going to change.

Rival clubs collide, lives are lost. Can Ryker find it in himself to stay away from Jersey? Can he help her out of her current situation and walk away?

             ALICE’S REVIEW

Ryker continues on from where Tank left off and all the characters of the Fallen Angels series made an appearance in the book. I am a big fan of this MC series and was not disappointed with Ryker. Ryker comes across as a tough guy that drinks and sleeps around all the time. However, underneath his tough exterior Ryker is a good guy with a soft heart and will do anything to protect the people that he loves. During one of the times that Ryker is going to save a group of girls that are being traded for money, he meets Jersey. Jersey is a beautiful young lady that has had to endure a life of pain and suffering. There is an immediate connection between the two that Ryker cannot deny. Ryker sees both characters falling for each other. However, both of them have suffered their own painful pasts and makes them questioned whether they are able to be with each other. The chemistry between the two characters is apparent from the start. I loved Ryker and think it was a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to read the next story from the Fallen Angel MC series. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




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