Review- Sliver Blood by Emma Hamm

            JESSICA’S REVIEWS 

One of the key Things I really enjoyed about this book was the setting, along with the description that the author used when describing this new world with humans and mystical creatures was absolutely fascinating.

It’s so hard to describe this book. There is so much that goes on. All the magic, all the different “species” we will call them, that I found my self confused at times. It wasn’t all that bad, but I found my self having to think had about some things.

Wren was great, I really liked her and E even. She was really strong in many ways. She want one of those heroines to take a back seat. 

I was drawn to Burke. He was persistent and I found my self liking that. He was the type of man that when he’s on a mission he wants to follow it through. In admired that about him.

This book sort of reminded me of the Movie/Book The Host. The way there was something like a spirt living in humans head. It was a great different quality that this book had. 

This definitely isn’t your typical romance. I really enjoyed the fantasy aspect and was drawn into the plot and what was going on. The whole prophecy thing had my mind on overdrive trying to figure it all out. The mystery around it and the Five was outstanding. 

Overall I will continue to read the books because I can’t wait to see what happens! 4.5 stars. #2OCCJD

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