Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett
4 stars out of 5
If you have ever wondered about how Lucifer came to power, then this is the book for you. This story will take you on a ride of mythical proportions and have you wanting more. This takes a story that we have all heard before and spins it on its head, giving a new perspective to a tale as old as time.
This mainly focuses on Adryel, honestly not a name I have heard of before. She is integral to Lucifer’s story and quite honestly I am a bit afraid of her. She may have gone down the side of evil but she has her reasons for it and she will do whatever she feels necessary.
I found this to be a great depiction of the inner turmoil we all have. Is it okay to do something that we know is bad if we believe it is for a good reason? This story tells a different side of a story we have heard since childhood and it does it with a twist that will make you wonder if we somehow see the world a little skewed. Not many things are black and white or set in stone, some things are left for us to decide. Free will is a dominant theme in this story and I find it poignant to be reading this story at this time when that very thing is being questioned in society. I found this to be a fantastical and fresh way to read this story and I am interested in David Burnett’s take on other stories.


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