Review- Dirty Ugly Toy By K. Webster



Right from the start we know that this story won’t be easy. We work on getting into the inner working of the hero, while seeing the heroine become herself again. It was beautiful but at the same time, parts of this story were not all that beautiful. 

The heroine, Jessica, I’m fumbling with what to say about her because she was so complex. I don’t want to give it was because each step she takes makes her who she is by the end of the book. She was strong and determined. But at the same time weak and scared. By the end of the book, she’s the person she was supposed to be all along. 

Brax….. he was messed up. He had a rough child hood and while there were some flash backs that I laughed at, they broke my heart. He liked control and thats in part, where the toys came into play. Even with him being so disturbed as the story goes on, and we get to see different side of him, even tho he fights them and reverts at times. 

The story had an amazing flow. Not filled with unnecessary descriptions, uneasy dialogue, but every thing has a reason. Overcoming your past is never easy, but with these characters they don’t give up. With every messed up thing that happens these characters get the best ending! I loved the epilogue.

Overall this is another story that the author has made us part of the story. We connect with the characters inner workings and feel the hope, the fear, the devastation, the joy, and the completeness that these characters experience. I can’t wait for this authors next dark read. 5 stars #2OCCJD

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