Review- Wrong Then Right by Jodi Watters

               JESSICAS REVIEW

Wrong then Right  (Love Happens, #2)Wrong then Right by Jodi Watters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
From the description, this sounded like a really good book but the cover really drew me in. I will admit that I am a sucker for a cover and this one rocked. The story was good and the vibe I got from the characters made me continue to push forward. The start was a little slow but it picked up fairly quickly.

Right from the start I really liked Hope. She wasn’t your typical heroine, but she was super tough, and had a smart mouth. Wanting to better her self, yet do what she had to do.

The hero was at times a jerk but once that love bug bite him he was a goner! Things with him moved at a paces that was slow, but at the same time his mind races with what could be.

The plot had a really nice flow. At times the description seemed a little winded but with this POV that tend to happen. The mystery surrounding Hope was interesting. Who was her stalker and why were they doing it. My mind had ideas but I was shocked when we learn the truth.

Overall it was a read great. I have already went and got the first book to dive into because the characters made me want to read their story. I can’t wait to see some of the other characters get their own stories. This book, the secondary characters made it shine. 4 stars #2OCCJD

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