5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

THIS BOOK!!! THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE!!!! Read it! Love it! Review it! 

I wish I could read it all again for the first time.. I can’t believe I have waited this long to write my review. 

This book is one of my go to books when I’m in a book funk, every time I re read it I find something else that I love about it. 

Wendy Knight is a writing genius. From the start she pulled me into her world of fantasy, world of witches, world of spells. I was completely engrossed in Feudlings from beginning to end.

I love each and every character, I think they all have strong personalities and are written extremely well. I love how we get a glimpse into each of their lives so we know who they are, and why they are the way that they are.

Ari is by far the strongest heroine I have read in a book, I loved that she wasn’t big-headed about it, she just acted when she needed to.

Shane is *swoon* Shane… Hunter is definitely my favourite though.. the silent brooding type. 

This is one of my favourite books ever and I hope you’ll read it and feel the same!

A definite 5 stars from me. 



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