Review-Bear With Me by Zoe Chant

Bear With MeBear With Me by Zoe Chant

Jessica’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a short read, Amazon says 110 pages but this book packed with heat and adventure! Maybe a one night stand can go right and Jamie is about to find out!

I really liked Jamie. She was not like your typical heroine. She’s an outdoor girl and loves what she does with her animal work. She was funny and tough. I loved the scene where it showed her bravery, that makes her your not so typical female.

Mark was a bear shifter and he made me laugh! Some of the situations that he got himself into were just hilarious! The fishing part and the tent part had me laughing out loud! He was totally swoon worthy!

The plot while simple and low drama still packed a punch. It was an adventure type and I really enjoyed it! Overall it was 4 stars for me and I will be reading other books by Zoey Chant in the future! #2OCCJD

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