{Release Blitz & Review} Taylored To Perfection by KJ Lewis


In true Graham fashion, he does what he knows best to get Emme back. Take control. Show her who is really in charge. As blurred lines slowly gain focus, Graham and Emme both learn what it means to give your whole heart to another. Just when they have it figured out, a crisis brings Emme to her knees and when she needs him in charge the most, Graham’s own past, leaves him paralyzed and breaking his vows to the love of his life – to always take care of her.


Taylored to Perfection is a story of love, loss, family and how giving up control may be the only way to reclaim it.


Jessica’s REVIEW

We pick up there Taylor Made left off and let’s just say that it never lets up. We meet new characters, we learn new information and we are thrust back into Grahams dominant ways.

Graham was as we know and love but his feels for Emme become more developed. I really liked seeing a new side to him in this book.

Emme was more confident in this book. She learns things that throw her world off its axels but she powered through like the champ she is. She is open with Garham and even tho he is a hard man, she took it in strides, see, she’s tough!

I loved seeing the characters from the first book that we got to know. They added an element to this book that helped make it pop. It was about Graham and Emme but seeing them was great. The introduction to new characters was needed and enjoyable.

The plot went at a perfect pace. It wasn’t too fast but it kept me hooked that I truly couldn’t put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. My jaw dropped more then a few times and at the same time my heart warmed more then i thought possible and I loved the ending!

Overall, it was a lot. This is a really long book but I thank the author for not splitting it up to another book. I may have cried a lot, and laughed even more, but this book/series is going to stay with me for a long time! I loved all the characters, the story line was amazing and this author truly has a knack for story telling! I can’t wait to see what her next project is going to be! 5 I know what you need Stars! #2OCCJD











KJ is an indie romance/erotica author of the Taylor Made Series. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City or enjoying Memphis.





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