Tour & Review Infinitely Mine by Marie Skye 

On the outside, Grayson Mandrake has everything a man could want–success in business, family and friends. As for women, he fucks them and leaves them. All except his beautiful Emmalin. She was his one. She left him broken and bitter, unable to believe she could walk away from their passion.

When an explosive secret comes to light, Grayson is forced to re-examine everything he thought he knew about why she left him.

Emmalin Ross is a survivor. She made it through a horrific attack, and then through losing the man she loved. She walked away to give Grayson a chance at true happiness. Now he’s found her, and he’ll have his revenge, served dark and hot, and this time, she’s not sure she can walk away, no matter how dark the sensual torment he dishes out.

Grayson and Emmalin are set on a collision course, but are both hearts strong enough to survive? Can this couple find a way back to love, or is it too late?

MARIES 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Review

Infinitely Mine: Incapable, Part 3 is the conclusion of a series and I had not read the first 2 books before receiving this book for review. As I read this book I was able to make some assumptions concerning the story line based on how this story progressed. However, I would highly recommend that you read the first 2 books prior to reading this concluding part of the series. 
With all that was revealed in this book, I became intrigued with the story and the main characters and their relationship to each other as well as the supporting characters. Even though I now know the conclusion of the story, I will be going back and reading the start of Grayson and Emmalin’s tale.
Marie Skye has written an incredible tale of loss, lust and reclaimed love. The plot of this finale to the series has compelling characters and forceful story points, which I assume carryover from the first 2 books. I will definitely be going back and reading the first 2 book!
I agreed to this ARC provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an unbiased opinion. No type of compensation was made. There is no relationship or affiliation between the reviewer and the author/publisher.

Hello! I’m your average career driven woman by day, and a hidden lover of all things dirty by night. Or as I like to say Professional by day. Book whore by night. I’ve always wanted to write, and decided one day ‘why not?’
We all have a story to tell.

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