RELEASE BLITZ – Forbidden by Shannon Eckrich

Title: Forbidden
Othala Witch Collection (Sector 12)
Author: Shannon Eckrich
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2016
Falling in love isn’t supposed to be deadly.

In Sector Twelve, being a Natural isn’t only dangerous, it’s a death sentence. And Layna just happens to be one. If the council were to find out, they would surely kill her, regardless whether her sister is the Regent or not. She had sworn to her mother she would keep her abilities a secret, and she has no intentions of breaking that promise. Then Seth came along.

Seth is also a Natural, and Layna not only finds herself drawn to him and his powers, but the harder she falls for him, the more her past begins to emerge. Memories which were erased to keep her safe. To keep her hidden. And to keep her away from Seth.

According to a prophecy, Layna has the ability to stop her sister and the council from destroying the sector. And only Seth can help her. But there’s one problem. Seth isn’t only her true soul mate, but according to the prophecy, he’s destined to kill her. Unless, she can change the future.

Read what fans of The 100, Under the Dome, and Wayward Pines are hoping will be the next hit television drama.

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Forbidden by Sharon Eckrich is a paranormal young adult romance book, yeah, it´s all of those things, if you are into all of those categories you are gonna love it, and even if you are not you are gonna love it as well.

We met Layna and Seth who are both witches and have to live in a world with humans and witches who are afraid of each others, we can use this alegory to say this is happening in our world in this time and in the end we all are the same. Human beings. We met their friends, their families, their origins, the world they live in, a few bad people, very bad people, even there´s an incident which I didn´t like it but I understand the role it plays in the story and how it affects Layna. But I didn´t like.

What I really liked about this book is that is not boring at all. You can find a lot of stuff happening, you´ll find battles, wars, close encounters with the bad guys, a lot of adventures along the book, one romance story for the ages, a few sexual encounters and something else. However I wouldn´t recommend this book to children under 14 because of the incident I spoke of earlier in the review, I think there´s no need to show them the evil in the world just yet.

I wasn´t myself a fan of paranormal books, but this is so easy to read and so fun than now I am considering my previous doubts about the genre. I´m looking forward to read more about The Original Sixteen series because this book I liked so much.

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Author Bio

Shannon Eckrich is an International Bestselling Paranormal Romance author who writes for teens and adults. She is a dreamer, an avid reader, ghost hunter, and believer in aliens, myths, and love at first sight. After all, she did marry her high school sweetheart. Shannon also believes all the problems in the world can be solved with a little bit of love and compassion.

When she’s not creating worlds that walk the line between fiction and reality, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at the firehouse down the street.

She currently lives in Delaware with her husband, two kids, three cats, and her two dogs, Chewy and Buster.

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