Jessica’s Review- Checkmate This Is War by Kennedy Fox

There’s a fine line between love and hate, and you will skate that line the whole time you read this book. I loved the bad boy Travis King and the sweet yet calculating Viola.

I love how determined Travis was to make a name for himself. Yes he was a player and bad boy but deep down he worked hard, and played harder. He had me from the start even if I hated him a little. He didn’t want his past to define him and worked hard to show that.

Viola…… I’m not too sure how I felt about her. I really liked her and her take no crap attitude. She hated Travis with a passion but at the same time you can tell it’s a defense mechanism.

Brother’s best friend and little sister, love hate, humorous. That’s this book summed up in a few words. I loved it. There weren’t a lot of twists and turns but the one at the end….. dang! The flow of the story was great. Funny banter, great innter dialogue and alternating point of views. I really enjoyed it.

Overall it was a good read. A lot of push and pull between the main characters, but with a love hate romance like this it worked out great. The ending left me confused, but I can’t wait to read the next one! 4.5 stars #2OCCJD
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