Jessica’s Review- Lettig Go by Holly Renee

Right from the start we are thrown into a mystery, and from their this author was able to twist and turn the story and I loved it. This author makes her heroines tough enough to hang with the boys and I really loved how the heroine in this book could do everything that they could do. 
The characters were great. The heroine Kat was smart yet stubborn in the best way. I really was able to connect with that aspect of her character. 
Blake wasn’t a total playboy, Yes their first meeting was….. different but they moved past it quickly. He was really sweet and was a great match for Kat
There was enough details to paint a vivid enough picture in my head but not too many details to where I felt that I needed to skim to get to the point of the story. The plot stated a decent pace with some twists and turns that I really found myself enjoying. Towards the end you get some drama but I would still classify this as a light read. 
My main problem with this book was that it felt like the characters were younger then 25 or so. I had to keep reminding my self they weren’t 18.  
Overall it was a really good read. It was low on the angst, high on the humor and just just right on the attraction and sexiness. I will read other books by this author in the future. 4 stars #2OCCJD


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