New Release & Review- The List By Chantal Fernando

Title: The List
Author: Chantal Fernando
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2017


On a random night out with her girlfriends, Taye experiences something she hasn’t before.

Instant attraction.

Between vodkas and dance moves she probably shouldn’t be doing in public, never mind on a podium, she meets him.

She’s never had a one night stand before, and to have one is on her list of things to experience in her life.

Not only that, but the chemistry is off the charts.

Decision made.

She’s going home with this man, and she’s not going to regret it when she leaves him in the morning.

Or at least that’s what she thinks.

Gemma’s Review

Chantal Fernando has once again written a very entertaining story that I enjoyed from the moment that I started it to the very end of the story. I enjoyed the storyline of the book and found it had the perfect amount of drama within the story.

The heroine of the story I enjoyed a lot, Taye was a quiet Introvert that always let loose when she went dancing. I really enjoyed seeing her let loose and the way she knew what she wanted in life. Taye was a great character that I enjoyed reading about. She was passionate about the things that she wanted in life and the way she had an immediate attraction to Eli.

Eli was the gorgeous hero of the story that was tall and muscle. He was exactly the type of male character that I loved to read about and the way that he couldn’t pull away from Taye.

The list is about the instant attraction that Taye experiences one night when she goes out expecting to have a one night stand. What she wasn’t expecting was the chemistry that she experienced with Eli.

Chantal Fernando knows how to capture her audiences’ attention in a story and the list is definitely another great book by the author. There were a lot of steamy moments within the story and I enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters. This is definitely a story that I would recommend for everyone that loves a good romance story.

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Author Bio
New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty years old and lives in Western Australia.

Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon’s Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Chantal loves to hear from readers.

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