New Release & Review -Bound By Chains by L.M. Roberts

Title: Bound by Chains
Series: A Shattered Hearts Novel #2
Author: L.M. Roberts
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2017

There are only a few things that blow my mind. A good suck. Rough fuck. And a woman by the name of Everly.
I never know what I’m getting when it comes to her. This entire time I thought she was a docile, fragile little flower I could break with a snap of my fingers. Damn, was I wrong. 
She’s a fighter. 
A fucking alpha female.
And I can’t wait to get my hands on her again. 

Bitch boy. That’s my new nickname for Talon. He thinks he’s too hot to trot, but does he have another thing coming.
I’ll show him hot.
And I’ll make him drool while I do it.

Ashlee’s Review

This is the continuation of the first book in this series by Condemned by him by LM Roberts. Do NOT read this before you read Condemned by him.

Starts right where we left off Everly ran away from Talon and shes hiding out waiting for the next plan of action.
Talon is lying in wait ready to pounce and cage his pet back up. Stalking and learning her movements.
In this book we also see new characters as well we meet the GQ snake Tomas and his mother Maureen in the diner Everly works at. We also see Jasmine in all her butt kicking glory and of course Talon

Talon comes and steals Everly back home. Now the story really begins to pick up will Everly and Talon work through their differences and get to a good place or will they kill each other in this installment..

This book has many triggers rape, dominance death and kinkyness ❤

I give this book 4 stars and can’t wait for the final book please come out soon


Bestselling author L.M. Roberts is a mother of two, completely obsessed with her darling husband of almost nine years, and is a cat mommy to a feisty little tabby named, Mellow, that acts like he’s the shit. (She now realizes she gave him the wrong name when she brought him home.) Her hobbies include writing, writing, and more writing! Besides working her dreaded day job, looking after her family, and attending college full-time to obtain her bachelor’s degree, she enjoys getting lost in her imagination, coming up with tantalizing, steamy, and just pretty much over-the-top romance novels for her readers to devour.



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