Review- Breeder by Cara Bristol

Breeder by Cara Bristol

She was only meant to be the Alpha Commander’s slave…but she became his everything.

High Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra strictly as a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner, Corren. Any infractions of the rules by her will be harshly punished.

But as Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, Dak begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Dak has enemies, men who will not hesitate to exploit his fondness for Omra, and use it to portray him as unfit to rule as Alpha. Can he expose the rampant cruelty and corruption in Parseon culture… or will the protocol he’s spent his life defending, be the weapon used to destroy them and their love?

Don’t miss this suspenseful, dark science fiction romance. Get your copy of Breeder today.

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Ashlee’s Review

This is a scifi story set in the future. 
Dak our main guy is the Alpha Commander. He is a hard proud Alpha to his realm. He is very highly important and it is a honor to be his breeder. 

Omra which means peace is a slave or breeder that was being held in a captive breeder facility. She is bought by Dak to be his breeder and fulfill the duties of a breeder in his home. 

In this story women or breeders serve only one purpose they are to please their masters and bare children. A breeder is basically treated like a animal fed and kept til they are needed. They are bought and tagged like cattle. And poor Omra has just been bought by Dak. Dak seems very tough but fair in this realm women are the lesser species but Dak cannot figure out why he feels anything towards Omra. Dak for the very first time begins to lust over a woman. Soon they fall into this forbidden romance having sex just to feel good and falling in love which is forbidden for the residents but deadly to Alpha Dak. Dak thinks hes being cautious but others are always waiting to destroy Dak and everything he holds dear. Will Dak and Omra rewrite the laws and live happily ever after or will they be torn apart and murdered just for falling in love and enjoying sex? 

I give this book 4 stars, the dialogue confuses me a bit from time to time but I did connect with the characters and truly root for their happy ending. I truly enjoyed the scenes where we see Dak and Omra figuring out everything to do with pleasure and breeding is a lie. I feel their struggle and pain.


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