New Release & Review- Fix Me Not by Carey Heywood 

Title: Fix Me Not
Series: The Fix Series Book 2
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 22, 2017 

Paige Sullivan’s life is a train wreck. In a matter of months she lost her business, her swanky apartment, and her big city life. Now she’s stuck in Nowhere, New Hampshire, sleeping on her mom’s couch. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s forced to do odd jobs for money. She has a plan though, and once she’s saved enough, she’s out of there. That is, as long as she doesn’t murder her sexy new employer first.

Asher Thompson is the ruggedly handsome hermit of the Thompson clan. Tall, ridiculously sexy despite his beard, and annoyingly aloof, his main concern is his privacy. He fills his days with his work as a carpenter and the peaceful solitude of his lake house. A peaceful solitude that vanished the moment Paige Sullivan stormed into his life, hell-bent on driving him crazy.

The problem is, opposites attract and each time they cross paths she works her way further under his skin.

Marie’s Review


Carey Heywood is one of my go-to authors. Every book of this author that I have read leads me to believe that she has even more stories to tell that will ingrain her storytelling in my mind. Fix Me Not, the follow-up to Fix Her Up, has me believing this more than ever.

While Asher was introduced to us in Fix Her Up, in this book we get more of his story. He’s a loner, preferring solitude to society. He’s hard working – to the point all is forgotten as he works on a project seeking the perfection he sees in his mind when he starts a project. And of course, he’s sexy and swoon worthy.

Paige is a tiny bit snarky when we first meet her, but when you find out the reasons you’ll understand why she’s the way she is. As she works through the changes in her life, due to circumstances beyond her control, she’s thrown into Asher’s life.

BOOM! To say that these two don’t get along is an understatement. But, things aren’t always as they seem. Ms. Heywood’s storyline bringing these two together is brilliant and so worth your time to read.

5 Stars


“Sweet & sexy with a side of city sass, Fix Me Not is the perfect mix of small town love with a big city feel.” – Heidi McLaughlin, NYT Bestselling Author

“Asher is my new book hero” – Book Lover

“So sweet, so funny and so amazing” – Nicole Anaya

“Here,” Paige says, passing me a water and a plate of fries through my window.
I’m back in the parking lot of the Moose tonight, parked right next to Millie’s Explorer.
“Are you trying to drug me?” I had asked.
She shrugs her slender shoulders. “Consider it a truce.”
I’ve finished all of the fries and am still working on my drink when she returns an hour or so later.
“Shouldn’t you be playing with your wood?”
I choke on my water.
“This your idea of a truce?” I ask, once I’m done coughing.
“Humor me,” she says, leaning against my door. “You hired my mom so you wouldn’t have to leave your land. Now you’re leaving it every day to stalk me. What gives?”
My head jerks back. “I am not stalking you.”
She presses her lips together before a bubble of laughter escapes. “What would you call it?”
I frown partly at her question and more so at the way she’s acting. “Why are you being nice to me?”

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, a mischievous black cat, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.


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