New Release & Review- Hot Recluse by Stella Stone

Title: HOT Recluse
Series: HOT Alphas #1
Author: Stella Stone
Genre: Erotic Suspense Romance Novella
Release Date: April 5, 2018
I watch.
Unable to take my eyes off of her.
I wait.
Unable to resist the temptation of her body.
I want.
Unable to control my fantasies.
I take.

Jessica’s Review

3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m torn. While I liked the idea of the story, I don’t feel that it was done justice. I liked both the characters because they were unique. I liked the story line because who doesn’t love a hot recluse who knows that he wants. Who doesn’t like kinky scenes. I liked all of that. I felt the pace of the story left a lot for me to desire. It was a fast paced novel and instalove. I don’t have issues with that, but I just felt for me, I needed things to be expanded more.

That being said, I really did enjoy it. If you want a fast paced, instalove, with a very low drama level, and steamy scenes, then this will be perfect for you. But if you want something that has depth, deep insight, and drama, then this won’t be a good book for that. 3.5 Stars #2OCCJD

Stella Stone is a pen name for an established romance author who wants to write Simply. Sexy. Stories. 
She is a mother of two boys, and wife to a bearded hubby, residing in a rural Texas town. During the day she writes sexy stories while her children are at school. In the afternoon, she is chauffeur, Taekwondo observer, loud baseball, basketball and cheering swim mom. 
Please enjoy her Simply. Sexy. Stories and the Alpha men she enjoys creating.

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