New Release & Review- For the Love of Luca by Soraya Naomi

Title: For the Love of Luca
Series: Chicago Syndicate #8
Author: Soraya Naomi
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2018

A standalone in series. Although part of the Chicago Syndicate
world, For the Love of Luca is a standalone and can be enjoyed either with or
without reading the rest of the series.
I’m a man who has it all: power, love, and wealth.
I’m a man who always needs to be in control.
I’m a husband.
I’m a murderer.
I’m the underboss of the Chicagoan mafia.
I keep the world that Fallon and I have created in our home
safe, and I’d sacrifice anything or anyone to protect the woman I love and my
high ranking position without an ounce of remorse.
Until my worst nightmare comes true and I lose control over
my home and myself, posing a challenge neither Fallon nor I ever anticipated.
And I fear that being a good husband and being a good
Mafioso might get one of us killed.
A standalone novel from the Chicago Syndicate world.

Ashlee’s Review


This story starts off with quite a bang 😂
But this story is about Fallon and Luca they are now married and have two adorable twins together and you think that’s marital bliss and puppy dogs, but Luca is a underboss to the mafia and things never are truly sunshine.
Fallon is Lucas wife and a truly strong woman to be able to live the life as a mob wife. But a unprepared attack happens and Fallon is thrown in the middle of a mob situation and the worst part is Luca doesn’t believe her, and he keeps losing more and more control and for a man like Luca losing control can be the nail in the coffin literally and figuratively.
Now the real question begins who’s lying who’s going to far and who’s going to make it out alive?
I had some up and downs with this book, im not normally a girl who likes books about couples already together and with babies thrown in the mix but it did get interesting even with that aspect. So I’ll give this a 3.5 on my star value..

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Author Bio

Soraya Naomi writes provocative novels with a sinfully
seductive blend of romance, suspense & men who love hard and at all costs.
Apart from indulging in chocolate pastries much too often,
Soraya Naomi is also an avid reader. She has a passionate obsession with the
written word and reads many genres but favors intense, seductive, and
provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely, without remorse or
boundaries. She adores Dark Romances, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romances,
New Adult, and PNR.
Her debut novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1) was
released on July 26, 2014. She’s honored that For Fallon won “Best Breakout
Novel 2014” in the Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.
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release dates.
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