New Release & Review- Because of You by Laura Ward

Title: Because of You
Series: Not You #4
Author: Laura Ward
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: May 25, 2018

All Ricky
Martinez knows of life is loss, loyalty, and family. 
When his
father became a quadriplegic after breaking his neck saving a drowning girl,
Ricky gave up his dreams of playing football at a big college to stay home and
take care of his family. His new dream? Find the girl who caused his father’s
injury and get justice.
Because of
her, his family lost everything.
All Aveline
Gerard knows of life is a quiet, protective love.
ever since her accident eighteen years ago, Aveline’s parents, both deaf, have
kept her safe the only way they know how—sheltered, and alone. Aveline’s
deepest desire? To experience life in all its loud and messy glory, and the
tattooed guy in her first college class is all of those things.
Because of
him, her life is finally beginning.
But fate
has a wicked sense of justice and when Ricky realizes the sweet, shy girl
in his class is the one who wrecked his family, will he be able to walk
away? Or will the bitter rage inside cause him to make the biggest mistake of
his life?
Because of
them, the pain of two families will finally collide. 

Gemma’s Review


The moment I read the blurb for this story I knew that I had to find out these characters stories. I needed to know what had happened and what was going to happen to them. I was not disappointed when I read this story because it really explored a lot of emotions. It really showed the pain and anger that someone can carry around. With them for most of their life and then to finally show forgiveness. The author did another amazing job with this story in the series and it was really the perfect addition.

Aveline had lived a shelter life and was finally starting to live her life. She had enough money to buy everything she could ever want, but because of the worry of her parents that something would happen to her caused her to grow up in silence and isolation. Despite this she still had a positive view of the world and saw the good in people. There were times when she had me smiling with how sweet she was and especially how she treated Ricky’s father when she first met him.

I have always been curious about Ricky from the previous books in the series. He was the quiet character that was holding a lot of himself back. But as I read this story I realky connected with him in the way that he held so much anger and resentment within him that caused him a lot of pain. I really felt for him throughout the story and the pain that he carried around with him. He was a really caring character that did everything he could to give his family a good life.

Ricky’s father became a quadriplegic from an accident after saving a drowning girl. His life changed from that moment on and he wanted to find the girl who caused his life to change so drastically. But he is surprised when he finds out the sweet girl in his collage class is the very same girl. When they start to get to know each other and start to having feelings will he still want his revenge.

This series I really loved reading about and I loved reading about each couple. Each couple I connected to in different ways and this one was no different. This was a story about love, forgiveness, loyalty and family. Laura ward did a great job with navigating the different emotions throughout this story and her writing was once again flawless. This was one of my top reads for this year and I cannot wait to read more from this author in the future.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
circled the bike, standing in front of me, arms crossed over his chest. “What’d
you think of that lecture, mariposa?”
eyes slid to the side, the floor, the ceiling. A slow burn traveled up my neck,
settling on my cheeks. “It was… interesting, Freud, you know…” I laughed, a
weird, awkward, uncomfortable sound escaping my lips. God, I sounded like a
freak. Get it together, girl. Instead
of wringing my hands together, I pushed my glasses higher up on my nose.
looked down at me, his eyes crinkling, and lips curved. “Interesting, huh?”
hands shot out to the sides, “I’m sure you know all about that stuff… the
stages and sex and… yeah.” I blew out a breath, my cheeks puffing, in what I
was sure was the sexiest look I’d managed to pull off yet. “I’ve only done some
light reading. That was new to me and frankly, a bit uncomfortable to hear
around you because of your general hotness and all.”
Did I say light reading?
General hotness?
Oh. My. God.
threw his head back and chortled. “You are the cutest damn thing I’ve ever
seen.” His tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip. He took the paper and pen
from my hand, tossing them onto the floor. “I won’t touch you here. Although,
I’ll admit it’s probably my biggest fantasy, but you aren’t ready for that.”
down, he picked me up, his hands lifting under my ass until I wrapped my legs
around his waist. “You’re so tiny.” He smirked, his eyes focused on my lips.
took off my glasses, placing them on the metal tool shelf next to us. My body
shook, and I knew Ricky felt it when his grip on me tightened.
won’t hurt you, mariposa. You have my
word that I’ll protect you. I’m not a good man, but I’ll be good to you.” He
looked into my eyes, his warm brown orbs like melted chocolate.
are a good man. I wish you saw yourself like I see you.” My words pled, begging
him to hear me.
his eyes and shutting me out, he pressed his forehead to mine. “I need you,” he
whispered. “I’ve never needed anyone like I need you. You’re open and
vulnerable, kind and innocent. You’re unlike any girl I’ve ever met, and all I
want to do is learn more about you. Understand all the parts that make you
words sounded stricken and raw, but I absorbed them, drawing them into my
heart. I didn’t know if he meant that he needed me physically or emotionally,
but either way I was his.
need you, too.” I kissed his lips, a light sweet peck. “I’ve already learned
and grown from being near you. You’re strong and loyal. The way you take care
of your family has captivated me. And the way you make me feel is addictive.” I
kissed him again, longer, and he groaned, one hand pressing into my back and
one twisting in my hair.
mouth opened, tongue peeking out to find his. Meeting, touching, and tangling
as we moaned in unison. My hands sought his beautiful hair and I wrapped the
long strands around my fingers, hoping that I would weave myself into him, his
life, and his heart.
complicated, gorgeous man, that thought he didn’t deserve happiness or dreams
or good in his life.
had a glimpse inside, something I believed was a rarity. And Ricky deserved all
the beauty the world had to bring. I wasn’t sure I was the person who could
give that to him.
I sure wanted to try.
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Author Bio
USA Today
bestselling author, Laura Ward, writes sweet and sexy stories that will
hopefully make you look at the world in a different way. Her books include the
Not Yet series: Not Yet, Until Now, Someday Soon, and Because of
. Her Contemporary Romance standalone is titled, Past Heaven. She is also the co-author of the College Bound series:
The Pledge, The Color of Us, and The
Sound of Your Heart (Releasing July 13, 2018
.) Laura lives in Maryland with
her loud and very loving three children and husband. She married her college
sweetheart and is endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through
all their years together, and especially toward her dream of writing books.
When not picking up toy trucks, driving to lacrosse practice, or checking
spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance novels.
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