New Release & Review- Adrenaline Rush by CM Owens

Adrenaline Rush, Book 4 from the Best Selling Death Chaser MC Series by C.M. Owens is now LIVE !!!!


There was a time when I was a princess with no power. I had no choice but to run, because I wanted control over my own life. However, when you spend your life planning your next escape, you forget to do the living stuff.

At least until the past comes back to remind you why you ran in the first place.

Aside from my brother, there’s only one other person from my past who could hold any power over me now.

I…just wasn’t expecting him to have gotten so batshit crazy.


The boy prospect who grew up into a scary killer with very little morality left inside him.

I should be a little more terrified about how obsessed he seems to be with me, but…I’m just warped enough to overlook the crazy. Mostly.

It’s not a real romance unless it starts with a kidnapping, right?

Yeah, my life has always been a crazy house. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

***Warning: This is a dark romance and not a healthy, wholesome relationship.

**Violence warning
**Language warning
**Can be read as a stand-alone.

Jessica’s Review


Oh mine this book got my heart pounding! I seem to always love this authors work and this book was no difffrent. It was dark in parts, funny in others, had great banter between the characters and just enough dark to keep me hooked from the start. Both Rush and Kara were hard but had this softness for each other. I guess we could call this a second chance romance, with lots of edges.

I really loved getting to see the secondary characters. Characters from past books and new characters hat have me intrigued. The author really has a way of getting you hooked on secondary characters that don’t have their own stories and if they do, then I want to reread because I forgot how much I loved them.

This book was pretty much awesome from start to finish. I never felt board, on the sense that I can read fast enough because I had to know what was going to happen. Great twists and turns, the attraction between these two was undeniable and their love real. I can’t wait to see what’s coming. I really want Sarah & Jude’s to get a book really soon. They deserves their own HEA. 5 stars #2OCCJD


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About C.M. Owens

USA Today Bestselling Author of the Sterling Shore Series, Property of Drex, and Deadly Beauties.
C.M. Owens always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to. Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments; she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings; and her dancing is downright embarrassing. Just ask anyone who knows her. Her creativity rests solely in the written word. Her family is grateful that she gave up her quest to become a famous singer.
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