New Release & Review- Accidentally Yours by Ilsa Ames

Title: Accidentally Yours
Author: Ilsa Ames
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 5, 2018


Possessive, dominant, undeniable.
She and I are strangers,
But there’s a billion-dollar inheritance at stake.
It’s simple: get fake-married, get the money.
But I don’t want her for a little while. I want her
for always.
It’s all supposed to
be pretend. Get fake married, have a kid, prove I can have a family, and I get
a billion-dollar inheritance from the father I always hated.
It’s all pretend,
until I say “I do”. And suddenly, I don’t want sweet, innocent, sassy little
June “just for now”. I want her forever.
We’re supposed to
play the part for the cameras and the lawyers. I’m not supposed to fall for
her. I’m not supposed to want her like this. I’m not supposed
to totally fucking lose myself in claiming her body, and possessing her, and
just wanting more of her.
We faked it at the
altar. But there’s no faking it in the bedroom. It’s all supposed to be
pretend. But once I get my hands on her, she’ll know I’m playing for keeps.
I’m her first. Oh,
and she’ll be my last. She’ll be my everything, forever, even if she doesn’t
know it yet.
This was all about
the money at first. Now, it’s all about her.
Yours is a full-length contemporary arranged-marriage romance. Hot, steamy, and
all the feels, with one extra-hot obsessed alpha hero. Safe, no cliffhanger,
and a guaranteed happy ever after!

Gemma’s Review


The marriage of convenience is one storyline that I love reading about because I enjoy reading about two people getting married for some reason and then accidentally falling for each other when that wasn’t the original purpose of the marriage. This story covered all the parts I enjoy of a marriage of convenience storyline with a lot of steamy and hot moment.

June was a strong independent woman that cared for people women. I found her to be an admiring character that did a lot of good for people.

Tiago was a hot character that I loved reading about because of the things he was willing to do to help his Goddaughter. It showed how much a good guy that he was.

Accidently Yours is about Tiago whose inheritance came with a few conditions before he could receive any. He must get married before he gets a portion of the money. Enter June who Tiago has known for a few years and he comes up with the idea to asks her to be part of his plan to receive his inheritance.

I enjoyed the story and the characters in the story. I liked the way that they were two completely different people and I found that made them good together. There was a lot of chemistry between them and a lot of emotions. Accidentally Yours was an enjoyable hot short read.

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Author Bio
Ilsa Ames
is two die-hard romance readers-turned-authors. Best friends, moms, secret (and
sometimes not so secret…) smut lovers, and crappy reality television

hot, dominant alphas, smart, sassy heroines, & contemporary romance stories
to make you say “yes please!”. 
We hope you
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