2OCC Reviews is a Blog that has growne over the last year. Yes Mind Blown!!.. We are Book Besties!! So here is a little about ourselves!! We hope you enjoy our Blog.


Hi I’m Alice….I’m loud, feisty and ginger…..I’m a stay at home mum to 2 young kids. Books are my kryptonite…… I live in Shakespeare’s hometown (Stratford upon Avon)…. I LOVE chocolate that much I Normally eat it for breakfast!


Hi I’m Kerry…I’m Outspoken, Sassy, and Natural brunette, although I dye it every other month different colours… I’m addicted to reading, as in I need to go to a support group!!… I live in Ireland… and I’m also a chocaholic!!!


Hi I’m Stefanie… I think I’m the quiet one of the group unless it’s about books, then you can’t shut me up….I am addicted to reading and baking…I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and love to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds me by camping as often as possible.


Hi I’m Jessica. I’m not really sure what to put here. I have never have been good at talking about my self. Well I’m a book lover and just an all around great person. Well that’s what my friends say! I live in New York (Not City) with my husband and kids. If I’m not playing with my kids, I’m reading or chatting it up with my book besties! I also have a weakness for chocolate! Oh and Supernatural! I love DEAN!!!! (Yes, I know he’s not real!)

List of our other amazing reviewers that have joined on in the last year. They help us and the amazing authors they read amd review for!

*Marie S.

*Gemma E.

*Amber H.

*Bea C.

*Ashlee D.


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