Non-Typical HEA Recommendations

This list could co contain spoilers with how the book ends, like not happy happy endings, this is your warning to not read it if you don’t want to know what books could be on the list as Non-HEA Ending.

To me, endings and HEA (happily ever afters) are very subjective. Yes we all want the characters to ride off into the sunset but life doesn’t always work that way. This is a list of books that may not be up to everyone standards, but HEAs are subjective to each reader! Bad things may happen but that’s what makes me love this trope. They feel more real. So if you want a wild ride then check up this awesome list of books and enjoy the experience. 

Feel free to comment with your favorites if we missed them and we can add them to the list. 

(Please note that we haven’t read all of these books and can’t be 100% certain they fall into these categories, they are books readers recommended for each category)