Recommendations From Readers 

Soooo! I’ve been doing this thing for the last few weeks! I haven’t been able to read but that didn’t stop me from looking at books. I always see recommendation posts and I’ve always saved them! The last 2 years I have saved tons!!! I mean, likely 700+ of them saved.

So I went through them, thousands of comments, some posts had 100s of comments with book titles and authors. It was a lot! I weeded through them and over the last few weeks I have been perfecting a spreadsheet (it’s been done for a while but I kept trying to perfect it. If I keep doing that I’ll never post them lol)

A few things you should know-

* These are all from readers! I did not add them if it was the author recommending their own book on these posts (No offense to the authors) These are all books that READERS in the book world have loved and commented with and recommended.

* There are like 45+ different catogorys. I have listed them below, ranging from secret baby’s, all the way to amnesia plot! If a reader recommend it (most have been more then once) then I added it to the corresponding spot.

*I have NOT read all of these so if they are in a category that they really don’t fit in, I’m sorry. It’s just what other readers have classified them as. That being said, with all the books out there, these have been favorites through out Facebook and no way depict all the books with these genres or plots.

*The PRN (Paranormal) section is broke down by type! Same with sports. I went and read through all the blurbs (a few 100!) of these two categories and put the type!

So, that’s pretty much it. It was fun and alot of typing. (My fingers still hurt LOL) It’s not perfect but I figure that it will be a good tool for readers! (I know other blogs have lists made up like this, and I’m not sure how this will be different then those but I feel it is with how I came across all the books). I can tell you that I have added tons of books to my TBR while making this.

Categories include

So pretty much something for everyone!

So check them out! If you’re in the mood for one of these plots, check out the lists. I will add more as time goes and I see new Rec posts or if you know a book that should fit, let me know! 🙂 enjoy!!!

*This originally was going to just be a spreadsheet that could be shared around but I took the time, found thousands of links for each of these books (some Amazon, some Goodreads) to make it easier on readers. It’s been a lot of work but I feel in the end it will be totally worth it.

Also, here is the link to the spreadsheet if you want to look at it that way, or you can click on the tropes above and it will take you to the list with all the links. Enjoy the recommendations from readers!