5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The first few lines drew me in, action already! Trying to guess what happens… this book is filled to the brim with everything you would ever want, lust, friendship, action, paranormal creatures and mystery!

Claire Marta is a new to me author, I went into this book completely blind, only on the recommendation of a friend.

The cover is gorgeous! It’s different, hot and alluring! I’ve had Frostbite on my kindle for a while and I can’t believe I haven’t read it sooner! The ONLY good thing about waiting to read it, is that I don’t have to wait for book 2! – Which I’ve already downloaded!!

I love the character developments, the way they’re all mysterious but we’re slowly being fed information about them.

The storyline is incredible, it’s intriguing and different to everything and anything I’ve read!

The writing is absolutely flawless, I did not find a single error.

All in all, as you can probably tell, I loved this book! I cannot wait to read more from Jasmine, Eric, Raoul, Twitch and everyone else!



4.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Before I start, does anyone have any objections for me to steal, love and marry Jaxon? Nope… brilliant! He’s mine, he’s dreamy, Hot, kind, caring, protective and just amazing!

Shatter Me is raw, it’s gritty, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t know how to explain my feelings except that ending killed me! It was just… wow.



5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Paranormal- check.

New author- check.

Recommended by a good friend- check.

Gorgeous cover- check.

This book had all the elements I love before I even started reading. 

This is Sloane Murphy’s debut book, it’s filled with twists, turns, angst, love, secrets, lies and heartbreak!! 

This book will draw you in so fast you won’t know what’s hit you, you’ll want to sit and devour it whole! 

THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGH!!! Daaaaaamn. It’s left me hungry and NEEDING more!!

I love the characters, the writing and the storyline. 5 stars from me!



5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hilarious. That is the first word you need to hear about this book. It is hilariously awesome! 

I love the witty comments, the sass, the fun… everything about it.

Allie Able and Becca Taylor have done an Incredible job working together to bring me something I absolutely devoured.

There were times when I honestly had to cross my legs in fear of wetting myself as I was laughing so hard. The fart 💨 oh my god I was howling!!!! 

It was written extremely well, I could not tell it was written by two authors, which is a good thing to me as it flows more smoothly. 

There’s so many things I want to say about Must Fit The List, buuuut I don’t want to ruin the book! You need to read it to believe it! 

5 stars from me!



5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Exposed is the second book in the series, it’s incredible! There are times when you’re reading that a book holds a massive place in your heart. This book is it! This book is my top read of 2017! I adored it.

There are “OH MY GOOOOOOD” moments… a LOT! “OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!” Moments… “I WANNA KILL HIM/HER” moments… also, “PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!!” Moments.

That’s all the spoilers you’ll get from me!

The writing style is brilliant, I connected straight away. The character developments are insanely good, we see them grow and change all throughout this book. The storyline is phenomenal, it kept me hooked, I didn’t even stop reading to have a pee!

A definite 5 stars from me! I cannot wait to read more from Abigail Davies!